CTC Role Play provides professional actors for role playing training
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We provide professional actors for roleplay training

Actors with great improvisational abilities who can play any character that is required within any given scenario. These actors can help your business/institution provide fantastic training for trainees/students.

Realism is what we strive for

The participants in the scenario immediately become caught up in the realism and behave in exactly the way they would if this was happening in the outside world. The beauty of role play is the fact that its not the outside world

It is a safe environment

A time out can be called for at any time. Help can be given and the scenario can then continue at the exact point and at the same level of intensity as before.

As a training tool it is extremely beneficial

At the end of the session, feedback can be given by the actor, if that is required. The session can also be played over again, but this time the actor can either heighten or lessen the emotions involved playing the role play at a completely new level.

We will provide professional actors for:


We will help you plan your training schedule, if that is required. Helping you write scenarios and come up with difficult situations that will test participants in all aspects of communication skills.

We can provide any number of actors for any number of days, weeks, months.

CTC Role Play is a very straightforward company and very easy to deal with. If you give us the details of your requirements, we will provide you with a professional and worthwhile service.

Contact CTC Role Play by Mobile on 07833180354 or Email at info@ctcroleplay.co.uk
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